General Information

One of the most important aspects of ensuring you are pleased with the final production of your order is the specifics of the artwork used for processing. Here, we show some important tips on submitting artwork files and explain our art charges for graphic work. Applicable set up charges and/or graphic art fees vary based on the complexity of the art and the details of your order. Your sales representative will work with you on the appropriate layout.


When supplying artwork, we request that it be supplied in vector art format. Vector art is resolution independent, meaning we can resize your layout to fit any needs without affecting the quality.


Acceptable VECTOR formats are: CorelD (.cdr – Text to Curves), Encaps (.eps), Illustrator (.ai – text converted to outlines), and Acrobat (.pdf). PLEASE NOTE: File types saved from an original JPEG, TIFF, GIF, or BMP file are not acceptable.


Because they must be redrawn in a vector art form, additional art charges will apply for supplied JPEG, TIFF, GIF, or BMP files at a rate of $30 per hour. If supplied in one of these formats, please provide the font type for all line text. If a font type is not indicated with your order, we will make every effort to match the line text in your art as closely as possible to one of our available fonts.


To view a copy of our Production Ready Art Standards, click here.


Artwork may be submitted via e-mail to:


If submitting artwork via e-mail, please be sure to include a contact name, telephone number, and information about your order; e.g., Product Type, Sales Representative, Order Number.

Set-Up Charges & Art Fees



Ordering, Invoicing & Delivery


All invoicing is done at Net 30. You will not be billed for your order until it has been shipped. If you know in advance that you will need an order in-hand by a specific date, and want the peace of mind that stock has been designated to fill your request, feel free to place your order well in advance. We’ll take care of everything, and bill you when your items have been shipped.